Where Can I Buy Uff Da Tacos?

″We in Minnesota enjoy Uff-Da Tacos at every state fair,″ says the author.

What does Uff da mean in Norwegian?

‘uff’ is a Norwegian exclamation that is comparable to the English words ‘ah’ and ‘oh’. In Norwegian, the word ‘da’ signifies ‘there.’ ″Oh, for god sakes!″ says uff da in the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE), which is the closest English equivalent to the expression.

What is the origin of ‘Uff da’?

It is pronounced in the same way that the English words ″ah″ and ″oh″ are spoken in Norwegian. When speaking Norwegian, the word ″Da″ is translated as ″here.″ ″Oh, for heaven sakes!″ says uff da’s closest English equivalent, according to the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE).

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