Where To Get Goat Tacos In Kansas City?

Kansas City Taco Company is the premier choice for Tex-Mex and fusion tacos in a clean, uncluttered environment. The seasoned beef, Cuban chicken, and black bean and avocado tacos are available for $3 on Tuesdays, and they are served with Baja slaw and cilantro on the side.

What are the best tacos at El Pueblito?

El Pueblo (The People) In a nutshell, the tacos al pastor are among of the nicest items on the menu, and they are seasoned to perfection. Beth Ott: I’d want to thank you for your time. The tacos at El Pastor for 75 cents are fantastic. Start with the shrimp ceviche, which should be your first course.

Where can I find Spanish tapas in Kansas City?

La Bodega is located in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in the Crossroads Art District, on the other side of the river. This Spanish tapas restaurant provides an ambiance that encourages mingling with friends and family while still allowing for leisurely dining. The menu features a diverse selection of cold and hot tapas that are truly Spanish in flavor and presentation.

Where to eat in Kansas City’s River Market?

  • The River Market in Kansas City is home to a variety of locally owned restaurants and retailers, as well as a bustling farmers market every Saturday.
  • Il Lazzarone is located right near to a Streetcar station, allowing you to be dropped off easily.
  • Il Lazzarone serves traditional Neapolitan pizza made with the finest ingredients in a casual atmosphere.
  • The restaurant is designed with an open layout.

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