What Kind Of Tacos Are Served At Taqueria Feliz Philadelphia?

Taqueria Feliz has established itself as a Manayunk institution during the past seven years. Spinner’s enthusiasm for the vivacious food and adoration for the local culture is reflected in his meals. Spinner and his crew laid the groundwork for Taqueria Amor all throughout Mexico, from the streets of Mexico City to the highlands of Puebla.

Where can I find the best tacos in Philadelphia?

Tacos are very outstanding in South Philadelphia, which has a large population of Mexicans from Puebla and is a particularly good spot to find them (and several other Mexican dishes). While compiling a comprehensive list of taco joints worth visiting in this city would be practically impossible, here are 21 excellent options, ranging from long-standing favorites to more recent arrivals.

Where to eat in South Philly?

The Virgen de las Nieves Mexican Restaurant is located in the heart of the city.Its tacos dorados, crispy-fried folded tacos stuffed with chicken, beef, chorizo, or mashed potatoes, demonstrate that this unpretentious South Philly taqueria strikes all the right notes.Despite the fact that the location touts itself as a grocery store, there are a few tables in the front for eating in.Instagram users can leave a remark.

What are the best tacos in Fishtown?

Three restaurants owned by the same group, Sancho Pistola’s in Fishtown is one of them, and it serves excellent tacos. The menu here has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking something traditional (mahi mahi, chicken tinga) or something a little more adventurous (calamari and chorizo, falafel with feta and jalapeo yogurt).

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What is the best Mexican restaurant in Manayunk?

Taqueria is the most outstanding Mexican restaurant in Manayunk!Excellent meal and beverage selections.There’s also a nice vibe.Our waiter was fantastic, and the meal was as fantastic.I would absolutely return, and I would do so very soon.

  • I’ve been to Taqueria Feliz before, and the food is excellent, and my buddy and I had a nice time there.
  • However, the individuals seated next to us were a touch boisterous, which was a shame.

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