How Much Does Torchie Tacos Pay?

What does Torchy’s Tacos in Texas pay their employees? Torchy’s Tacos hourly salary ranges from roughly $8.97 per hour for Fry Cook to $15.00 per hour for Shift Leader, with the average wage being $8.97 per hour. Torchy’s Tacos salaries range from roughly $16,500 per year for Cashier to $42,096 per year for Kitchen Manager, with the average pay being approximately $16,500.

Torchy’s Tacos & Salads, Inc.

Job Title Salary
Cashier salaries – 51 salaries reported $11/hr
Food Runner salaries – 33 salaries reported $10/hr
Cashier salaries – 25 salaries reported $11/hr
Line Cook salaries – 11 salaries reported $13/hr

How much does Torchy’s tacos pay in Texas?

Torchy’s Tacos Cashier hourly wages in Texas are roughly $9.81, which is approximately 15 percent less than the national average of $11.50.

What company owns Torchy’s tacos?

As part of the agreement, Torchy’s sold a share to a group of investors led by global private equity firm General Atlantic, which had previously invested in the company in 2017. It was joined in the ownership group by D1 Capital Partners, T. Rowe Price Group, and others.

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Is Torchy’s tacos just in Texas?

Torchy’s Tacos was founded by Mike Rypka, who created a menu comprised of experimental tacos that were dubbed ″damn excellent″ by his customers. Torchy’s Tacos now has 100 locations across Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, all of which are dedicated to offering only the best tacos possible to its customers.

Is Torchy’s tacos only in Austin?

Torchy’s Tacos now has 71 locations throughout Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma, with more locations on the way. Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Tennessee are among the states that have opted in to the expansion plan. According to Hart, Torchy’s would ″always remain true to its Texas roots″ while also expanding ″anywhere there is a need.″

Who is Mike Rypka?

Torchy’s Tacos, located in Austin, said Thursday that Mike Rypka, the company’s founder and CEO who started the company as a food truck in 2006, will rejoin the company as CEO. GJ Hart, the taco chain’s chief executive since 2018, announced his retirement in November, prompting the company to make the change. At the time, Rypka was appointed as the company’s interim CEO.

Who owns Velvet Taco?

According to previous majority owner L Catterton, a private equity firm, the fast-casual restaurant brand Velvet Taco has been sold to private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners L.P. The transaction closed on Tuesday.

How many Torchys locations are there?

It now has 83 locations in seven states and employs around 5,000 people, with plans to establish an additional 17 restaurants in 2021 to bring the total number of sites to an even hundred.

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What is Torchy’s make it trashy?

Make it ″trashy,″ by taking out the lettuce and substituting a grilled queso (CAL 382). CAL 328 is an abbreviation for the number 328. TORTILLA WITH FRIESTED CHICKEN, GREEN CHILLIES, LETTUCE, PICO DE GALLO, CHEDDAR JACK CHEESE, AND POBLANO SAUCE SERVED ON A FLOUR TORTILLA

Does Torchy’s make their own tortillas?

While Torchy’s has been an unquestionable success, the company has been under fire in recent years for the quality of its flour tortillas, which are produced offsite and shipped to each of its restaurants.

Is Torchy’s tacos coming to Rockwall?

As a result, Torchy’s Tacos is expanding its footprint across the United States, with over 95 locations in ten states. The company expects to further expand in its native state of Texas, with the launch of its Rockwall branch in spring 2022.

What does Torchy’s mean?

A torchy ballad is a song that is about, is related to, is typical of, or is a torch song or a torch singer.

How did Torchy’s start?

The purchase of a food trailer and a red Vespa was made by a man named Mike Rypka many years ago in the booming town of Austin, Texas. What was his dream? In order to open a taco stand.

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