How Much Are Jimboys Tacos?

The Jimboy’s trademark Ground Beef Tacos are just $2.22 per taco on Tuesdays! Produced with freshly ground beef that has never been frozen and properly seasoned, American cheese that has been hand grated everyday, and crisp iceberg lettuce, all wrapped in a stone ground corn tortilla and coated with Parmesan cheese

Prices for Jimboy’s Tacos’s menu items

Item Price
Street Fries Ground beef, queso, tomatoes, jalapenos, green onions, og salsa queso, black olives, jack cheese. 1094 cal. $7.66
#3 Two Enchiladas $9.49
Jimboy’s Taco Burger 430 cal. $4.15
The Taco Burger Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, special sauce. 430 cal. $4.33

View our delicious Jimboy’s Tacos menu and place an order online. Two ground beef tacos and a normal soft drink are included in the price. A ground beef taco, a bean burrito, and a normal soft drink are included in the price.

What kind of cheese does Jimboy’s put on their tacos?

In 1954, we introduced our trademark item, which became an instant classic. We start with a stone-ground corn tortilla that is grilled to perfection, then fill it with your choice of seasoned meats, freshly shredded cheese, crisp lettuce, and a sprinkle of our distinctive parmesan cheese before serving it to you.

Are Jimboys beans vegan?

Even though both the beans and the rice are vegetarian, only the beans are vegan.

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